Wednesday, July 30, 2008


last weekend we went up to sea ranch. our friends julie and diana rented a house up there. it was such a special time. it was also super fun for riri too. julie and diana both have dogs, poppy and buddy. it was one big sleepover fest. i made a whole bunch of food, we drank some wine, played balderdash and star gazed. the stars were by far the most amazing part of the trip. i don't think i've sen stars like that in a long time. there are no city lights to get in the way. it was such a wonderful time. i'm already planning my next visit.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

lots and lots been goin on around here. peters been in and put of town. got in a little car accident. rosie came to visit. heath is in town. my uncle is coming to town. we're going out of town. pilates twice a week plus market every saturday bright and early. beautiful san francisco summer. fort funston happiness. lots of riley making funnies. lots and lots of cooking. can't believe how fast it all goes by.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


this picture reminds me of summer. not really sure why but it does. maybe it's the lighting. it was supposed to be super hot here again but it looks like we lucked out. it's actually perfect summer weather. today i went to the best drugstore i've been in a long time. it was huge, well stocked and full of tons of crap i didn't need. i love that! i refrained from buying a pair of portable ipod speaker that light up to the beat of the music. i am still thinking about why i just might need to go back and get them. it sort of a tough one though cuz i live in a loft and there is no need for more speakers. the bathroom might need it's own set of light-up speakers? huh, that's an idea. i had such a great time at the i was running from isle to isle trying not to buy stuff but reminding myself to put it on my imaginary might need this list, it dawned on me i hadn't done a drugstore in awhile. yeah i know this may sound weird but drugstores are a major part of me. i grew up biking to the one closest to my house and doing exactly what i did today. slowly walking down the isle wanting so many useless items and then selecting the ones i could afford. when i first moved away from home i had to start all over with a new drugstore but i found the right one. for years i cherished that drugstore. it helped that my first job was right next to it so that we could spend lunches together. chicago was a hard one for me. i never really found my special place. new york, ohh new york. there were so many but my favorite was only a short block away. that drugstore had the best picture frames and tastey snacks. weird combo but totally makes sense at the drugstore. so now it looks like i might have hit the jackpot. i already have plans to go and purchase the rest of the new hair product line that i'm testing out.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


when sam was here we decided to make some banana bread. we made two versions, plain and chocolate chip. they were both delish especially toasted with butter. those were the good ol' days. now it's a banana minus the bread part.


went to the antique roadshow when it was in my hometown of palm springs. what a interesting experience it was. my aunt sandy and i had a real bonding experience. there was all kinds of people watching,which is one of my favorite hobbies. i do have to admit the roadshow is a lot different then what i expected. i had imagined it was more like some experts that will give you a genuine appraisal and if you have something really awesome they ask you to be on the show. no this was not the case. it's more like an audition and if your stuff fits the description of leading lady then you're in. sort of a killjoy. what's next the easter bunny isn't real?

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


dog party that is. when i was in palm springs rosie and daniel stopped by on their way to joshua tree. they were dog sitting charlie so there were four heelers at this party two red and two blue. of course dina was the only girl but she can handle it. these guys were so funny cuz the whole time they were all bent on trying to get inside the house. charlie was especially funny when he decided to try and fit his whole body in the water bowl. i guess he was trying to cool off. he was even funnier when he attacked the sprinklers. what did i ever talk about before i had a dog? probably just boring human stuff.


been back home for a week now. time sure does go by so fast these days. i guess that's the difference of being happy and sad. when you are happy days just fly past you and when you're sad, well you get the idea. california is experiencing a heat wave. i sure am glad to be experiencing san francisco's version of it. i went to venice beach a couple weeks ago and cut my trip super short because i couldn't deal with the amount of perspiration pouring out of my body. not to mention trying to sleep in that. riley and i spent most of the night awake wondering if we should just get in the car and go. i am glad i went though cuz i purchased my favorite new shirt there. it's a lovely knit top by margaret o'leary. i also got to spend a great day with rosie. we went to the santa monica farmers market (not bad), did some shopping on abbot kinney, montana and drank some delish coffe from groundworks. my dad and i also got to spend some quality time. although our plan to take the dogs to the dog beach washed away when we arrived to high tide and no beach. all in all it was worth the pain and suffering. i am such a baby when it comes to being hot and even more of a baby in humidity. thank the lord those summers of chicago and new york are behind me. san francisco summers are all about cute light sweaters. how happy this makes me. especially since saks was having this crazy sale in palm springs and no one was snatching up the warmer clothes so i was able to make my second favorite new purchase. it's sort of a three quarter sleeve sweatshirt jacket that doesn't button up. it's super cute is what i am trying to say. i have already put it in the rotation. so i'm super happy to be back home and welcome the high tempature's of 75 when i know how bad it could be.