Tuesday, April 15, 2008

one more day

decided not to leave for palm springs til tomorrow. one more day with the finn. my house is officially super clean. now let's see if that's what it's like when we get home. the finn will be in florida for a week so he won't be able to do too much damage. probably just a pile of bowls in the sink will be what i arrive to. considering he only eats out of bowls and he doesn't understand how to put a dish in the dishwasher. oh my god i sound like such a wife. wow!! i'm not sure what to say next. i guess i'll say nothing.

Monday, April 14, 2008


riley and i are heading to palm springs tomorrow. i'm thinking about having a little girly get to together while my parents are out of town. sure hope it doesn't turn into a rager. so this weekend was super awesome. the weather was perfect and totally awesome. there was just the right amount of socializing. we had a couple of awesome meals. starting with french vietnamese food on friday night. thanks to jackie and joe. they really are the sweetest. saturday we went over to our friends for korean barbecue. it was totally awesomely delish. riley was the star of the barbecue. he made many a friend. he was totally a brat and didn't want to have anything to do with his parents telling him no. saturday night we went over to my cousins house to meet his girlfriends parents. what an awesomely great saturday. sunday we went for a drive and a walk along the beach in pacifica. it was the most beautiful day ever. we ended our weekend in true finn style. delivered food and really bad television. well, not all bad television we did watch meet the press. it was one of the weekends where you are so sad to say goodbye but so thankful to have been able to taste it. tonight peter and i are going to the slow club for our goodbye dinner. i am really going to miss him while we are gone. until we meet again my true love, well in two weeks when we meet again my true love.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

the weekend

Saturday, April 12, 2008

riley and his great grandma

we went over to my grandma's house yesterday for lunch and fun. riley loved hanging in the backyard and getting his sniff on. he found some good sticks to chew and eat too. my grandma made a lovely roast chicken for lunch. it was a lot of fun just hanging out. she gave me some succulents that she had clipped from some of her more mature succulents. they are awesome cuz they are perfect for my patio garden. which is looking pretty good i might add. she also hooked me up with a ton of meyer lemons and some roses from her garden. it's pretty cool that she knows so much about plants. i am excited to continue to learn more from her. she gave me a tip on how to get rid of some little black bugs that seem to be in love with one of my guys. she said to mix a bit of a mild dish soap and water and to spray the plant. then to let it sit for an hour and then wash it off. i'm going to give it a try tomorrow. i need to get going, i've got icing to make for my raspberry lemon cupcakes and then we're off to a barbecue.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


riley and i are going on a roadtrip to palm springs. we have been cleaning and organizing the house so the finn will have a clean bachelor pad and i hate coming home to a messy house. there's just something really depressing about it. so we leave monday and we'll be gone two weeks. my parents are going to be gone for a wekk so rowan, riley and i are gonna have a party pad. we'll be eating peanut butter out of jars, chewing up palm frans in the house, leaving the screen door open with the air conditioning and whatever crazy thing we decide. it's gonna be a blast. peter was supposed to come down but turns out he has to go to florida for a week. boo hooo. rosie will be in town for a bit so that will be fun. my childhood friend who lives in north carolina will be there too. it should be a nice visit. no fort funston for awhile but i'm sure he'll be okay cuz he'll have his brother.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


my plants are all coming alive. how exciting!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


it was so nice to be reunited with the husband last night. he loved the taco fiesta and even more he loved riley's reaction to his arrival. i can not compete when it comes to riley's welcome home. he was very excited to say the least. peter's going to chicago next week so maybe i can practice and brush up on my welcome home skills. give that little dog a run for his money.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

april 2nd

can you believe it's already the 2nd of april? it's amazing how that happens. this past weekend was a lovely. one of my favorites. saturday we went up to peters parents for the day. it was their birthday so we made them lunch. well, i made them lunch and peter was on clean-up. my mom gave me this awesome chicken salad recipe that was a total winner. i made soup and cupcakes too. riley had a great time in their ginormous backyard. he kept himself really busy with all the smells that needed to be looked into. after lunch we went on a walk in this awesome park down the street from the house. it had rained the night before so some areas were a little muddy. riley was thrilled! especially since that morning he had been given a bath. he was laughing he was so happy to be running in the mud.
saturday night was just as much fun. we went over to my cousins house down the street and my other cousin was in town with her boyfriend. we had a great time and a couple glasses of wine. we ended the night with a burrito. sunday was lazy the first part of the day and then sunday afternoon we met up with my cousin again. this time we met up with her boyfriends family. they were really nice people. we ended our weekend with some bad television and some chinese food. peter flew out the next morning to washington d.c. for work. he's been working on a huge united campaign. they won the the campaign which is exciting but the work has just begun. he loves it though. he would have it no other way. i am going to make him tacos with roasted tomatillo salsa tonight. i haven't made mexican food in awhile. i wonder why? anyways, things have been rolling right along. i feel quite peaceful.