Thursday, August 14, 2008


it was almost three years since this photo was taken (by my darling friend hilary). ahh how time flies. the last couple of weeks i have been traveling a lot down memory lane. i've been reflecting a lot on the good and the bad. i think it's healthy to revisit different times in your life with a new perspective. sometimes things make more sense or you get a new lesson or sometimes things just don't matter anymore. this memory however always stays the same. it was a wonderful day full of lots and lots of love. i would love to plan another big celebration. i've been thinking of a reason why? maybe no reason is a good reason. maybe next summer peter and i should have a huge party just because. it could be called the "just cus party". we could have it catered by a taco truck and have a band and a pinata and we'll invite all our buddies from all over the country. then we could rent a huge house up in searanch and have another bash. ohh what fun it would be. sometimes i think i missed my calling. maybe i should be a party planner. maybe that will be my next career. ohh how i love a good party but, i love party favors even more.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


he's not zero anymore! last thursday riley turned one. it was one action packed day of doggy business. the beach, the pet store, a new collar, a new leash, a big boy dog bowl, lots of new toys, and finish it all off at his best buddy poppies house for dinner. it was the best day of his whole life. my mom was here this weekend so he got to continue the celebration of all that is riley. he gets so excited when he sees her. he even wets his pants a little.