Monday, August 13, 2007

cheap and delish

went to a place down the street from my house today for the first time. i was pleasantly surprised how cheap and tasty it was. i got a carnitas taco and a fish taco for five bucks!! they give you chips and salsa too. i think i found one of my new spots.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

japanese tea and burmese food

my cousin sam and i got to hang yesterday. he's been in town helping his dad with a tile job. yesterday we got to have a play day. we went to one of our favorite spots. it's a burmese restaurant called burma superstar and that it is. every time we go there i'm so excited about how good the food is that i totally make myself sick by eating too much. this totally defeats the purpose cuz i feel terrible after just leaving my treasured spot. peter was able to meet us for lunch and that was a lot of fun. it's crazy cuz sam started to visit us when we he was ten turning eleven and now he's eight-teen. time sure does fly.
after lunch we cruised around and checked out some shops. then we tried to go to the de young but we got there just in time for closing. the japanese tea garden is right there so we decided to check it out. it's pretty amazing how much you feel like you could be in japan. they also have this cute little outdoor tea cafe. they give you tea and some rice snacks, sesame cookies, almond cookies, and a fortune cookie for three dollars. it was so sweet and as we had tea i could feel the magic in this special place. afterwards we went to amoeba records and looked around. then we walked around the haight for a bit before we headed back to the house. it was such an awesome day and i feel so lucky to have such a wonderful little cousin/brother like sammy. he is one of my all time favorite people.

Monday, August 6, 2007

sea taffy

this weekend just flew by. saturday we decided or actually peter declared we were going to carmel for lunch. i reluctantly agreed. by the time we started driving i was actually happy to be on the road. we arrived in carmel at about eleven. after walking around for a bit we decided it was time for lunch. we stopped in for a nice bite at an italian restaurant. the meal was satisfying. not the best and by far not the worst. after lunch we decided we wanted a piece of chocolate from the candy store down the street. the candy store is the best part of this town. it is so cute and they have every kind of candy you could imagine. when we were walking back to the car peter turned to me and said "what's that stuff called, sea taffy"? i started laughing like a crazy person. i'm sure everyone around me thought i was a crazy drunk person. i let him know that it was called salt water taffy. although, i think sea taffy is a much better name.
after carmel we decided to stop in this little town called san juan bautista. i hadn't been there since i was a kid . it's super tiny and looks like it probably did a hundred years ago. there's a mission there and tons of people dressed like they are in the olden days. there's people dancing in a saloon and people hanging in the stable and men just hanging out cooking food on a fire. there's some shops and this fabulous old restaurant,la casa rosa, that makes chutney and preserves. we had a great time in this cute little town. on our way home we stopped at the palo alto mall. no treasure found.
sunday went to the alameda antique/ flea market. this is where i took the above doll picture. i finally found a night stand and it was only thirty-five bucks. the only thing is that now peter's nightstand looks too danty next to my new manly sized night table. ohh well life goes on. i'm just happy to have a place to put a glass of water. isn't it amazing the things that seem so luxurious?

Thursday, August 2, 2007

tursday not thursday

took this picture when michael and i went on our adventure for barbecue. we were walking past this laundromat and it was empty. it was screaming music video but, since we didn't have a rock band and video cameras i took some pictures. i just love how old laundromats look. there's something about the colors and names that are just soo cool.this particular group of dryers is called originators. isn't that awesome. well, i think so. also there's this awesome website i am obsessed with. it's called it's basically a community of book nerds sharing what books they are currently reading and have read. you create a profile and have friends and can send messages and much much more. so far i am really loving it. it's sorta like the perfect combo of nerdy and cool.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

ice cream formula mix

this is one of my new pets. it is an ice cream formula mix. doesn't it just look delish? peter actually picked this guy out. he does have really good taste. after all he did pick me didn't he?

lucky cat

this is my friend i found for purchase at daiso. who says you can't buy friends. if you can buy happiness at a plant store than you can buy a friend at a $1.50 store. although he cost me six bucks. friendship is expensive man. speaking of buying happiness i have been transformed into a total plant junkie. so far i've been there twice this week. i'm already planning my next purchase. my dad said i should talk to them so they're happy. i've been talking and singing up a storm. it's sorta like my version of a pet. don't get me wrong. i know a pet is way more responsibility but, for now it's what i have to work with. just like a pet you can kill a plant. so there is a small but important similarity. okay i'll just stop for now. i'm sorta living up to that crazy comment that peter always makes about me.