Thursday, February 28, 2008

spring cleaning

got my chores done yesterday. now i'm a cleanin machine. i think i've got spring cleanin fever. i just want to get rid of stuff and organize. right now thing are looking like a bit of a disaster cuz i never can stay focused on one area at a time. i will work on twenty different things at once. got the table at ikea last night on the way to our friends for dinner. now i need to figure out where to put the plastic rug i am so fond of. it looks like i just might have it figured out. when i get everything all sorted i am finally going to start my new awesome puzzle i got for my barfday. wowzers i have morfed into an even nerdier version of myself. seriously didn't think it was possible but you know what they say. never say never.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

yeah yeah

it was so beautiful here yesterday. it made me so excited for spring and summer. i can't wait for all my plants to come back to life and get more. yesterday i went to ikea and found a perfect table for eating outdoors. my goal is to get all my chores done today and then i can be rewarded with the table and maybe a rug i had my eye on. well, and there were some cool candles i saw. ohh and an awesome blanket. okay i'll just stick to the table for now. especially since i have been hooked on the ebay. yeah yeah i know ebay. i have been collecting needlepoint art again. so far i've added a ship, mushrooms, a lion, a tiger, an elk, a hawk and some daises to the collection. i really want some dogs. those always seem to be the more expensive pieces. i have found some cool needlepoint on etsy too. there are a limited number but still you you can just buy it. i have been really enjoying etsy lately. i really need to post more items that are sitting on my desk. maybe if i get those up and listed i can get the rug and some candles. maybe i shouldn't get too ahead of myself. that's the problem i start adding too many things to the "to do list" and then i become paralyzed. baby steps. well, i should get started if i want that table.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

rainy days

today is super stormy. the opposite of this picture. made breakfast and wanted to go to a movie. an original rainy day idea i know. i looked to see what's playing and i realized i didn't recognize any of the movies. geez louise what does that mean? maybe i don't want to know the answer. peter and i have a new hobby. going to open houses. yeah i know real exciting huh? well, actually it is real interesting. yesterday we looked at a million dollar fixer upper. isn't that insane? actually it was over a million dollars. crazy! maybe we'll go for a ride and see what we find today.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


went to reno a month ago. it was just as i had remembered. we hit up a buffet, had a drink in a bar that resembled a fish tank, did some good thrifting, played the penny slots and much much more. well, not really that much more. riley realized how much he loves tissue. he helped himself to as many pieces as he desired since there was a box built into the sink. exactly at his eye level. ahh reno what a place.

Friday, February 22, 2008

pretty pretty

some pictures from the huntington library. such a magical place. some of the plants are so big that they seem to be on steroids. even peter liked it there. you know it truly is magic if your husband thinks it's awesome to look at plants on a saturday morning before breakfast. maybe he was still drunk from the night before. i bet this place is awesome in spring. maybe we'll have to schedule another visit.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

rowan down the river

here's a picture of riley's twin brother rowan. they are are like two pea's in a pod. i always feel so bad when we leave cuz i know how much fun they have together. rowan is super sweet and a hardcore cuddler. he has a mind of his own and will let you know it literally, he's a talker. he can jump straight up in the air but is shy about rock climbing. he's riley's number one go to guy. ahh rowan we miss you.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


just got back from being down south. the last couple of weeks have been full of activity. celebrated a birthday. i am now officially in my thirties. it has been a relief to get that over with. went to palm springs. road tripped with my family to the world's largest bead and gem show in tuscon. as always that trip is always a trip. went back to palm springs. riley got to hang with his brother rowan. they had a blast. when they are together it's like there's no such thing as humans. peter flew down for a couple of days and now we are home again. i just feel so grateful to be so close to my family. so nice to see them all whenever i get the urge.