Wednesday, June 27, 2007


my good old pal steven was in town this week. so were our friends alice and jesse. ohh and my aunt was here too. it's been a very busy week. lots and lots of fun. the other day we walked on the golden gate bridge. it was actually super disappointing. why you ask? well it was really loud, really smelly from car exhaust and super crowded. not that i thought we would be the only people on the bridge. i guess i always thought it would be a more peaceful experience. when you drive over the bridge you are in your car and it's quiet. maybe that's why i was so surprised at how loud it was from the cars.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


Monday, June 4, 2007

chain link love

i'm so in love with my new plastic chain from the japanese dollar fifty store. you put it together yourself. i'm not sure what i will do with it but, i'm still in love. went and saw the movie waitress tonight. i actually really enjoyed it. peter did too. it's not too often we agree to see the same movie so easily and both enjoy. went to the alameda flea market on sunday and managed to blank out on putting sunscreen. the end result was a nice sunburn. it's been quite sometime since i've had to deal with a hot uncomfortable burn. i should know better being 30 and really pron to burning. it really didn't even occur to me until the damage was already done. i did get a really cool red rolling cart and cool knick knack shelf made of a wicker like material. what i mean to say is it was worth the pain.