Thursday, September 27, 2007


this weekend could quite possibly be the weekend where all my wishes come true. it's a maybe that we could be getting a dog!!!! oh my god i can't believe i just wrote that. it's like so exciting. we'll see. nothing is for sure yet. still trying to figure out the plan. my mom and dad might get one too. wouldn't that be so cool?

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

get it together

today is the day. i am finally going to organize, organize, organize. i will be a cleaning machine. i will get it all done. i will not get distracted. i will succeed.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

target addict

today i went to three targets. yes, this is true. i have been loving the clothes they have going on right now. i bought this one particular pair of jeans and now i'm obsessed. i went to three targets today to try and get more. the thing is i'm not the only one clued in. i was able to find them online so i think that's what i'll have to do. it seems like all of a sudden there's tons of cute clothes though.ohh and their bedding is always super cute. i have had my eye on some green and white polka dot sheets for some time and today was the day. why? because they were half off!! yeah, i know super exciting stuff. especially cuz i have been wanting them for awhile now. anyways, that's my big news for the day. now if only i could get as excited about cleaning as i do about target. yeah right!

Monday, September 24, 2007

happy anniversay

today is peter and my second wedding anniversary. what a great day that was. we celebrated this weekend and boy oh boy did we indulge. saturday night we went to the restaraunt where we got engaged. we totally went to town in the food department. we even ordered two desserts and finished them. i never have room to eat dessert let alone a whole one. before we went to dinner we exchanged gifts and letters along with a little rose champagne. the second year gift traditionally is cotton and the contemporary gift is china (which i interpret as ceramics too). my gift to peter was a painted bowl that i did at one of those paint your own ceramics type of places. he prefers to eat out of large bowls than a plate. i know he's totally weird. so yeah i painted it and it's pretty funny cuz it's all lovey dovey on the inside. as peter will finish his pile of food in his bowl he will discover sappy messages from his wife. messages like "i love peter" and "pp + dd". i also got him a coton hoodie to cover my bases. peter got me this gigantic ceramic horse from jonathon adler. i had the baby version of it but i broke it. i know to many this may not seem like a gift one would be thrilled about recieving. however this is not the case with me. i am more than shocked that he actually got it for me. i have wanted this horse for a very very long time. we also exchanged letters which is always the best part. i of course always get all chocked up reading peters. i don't know if this is a good thing to admit. i sorta feel a little vain admitting how much i like reading about how great someone thinks i am. anyways, we went to dinner and as i mentioned earlier is was awesome. sunday we got all dressed up again and went to the top of the mark for brunch. they have this awesome view of the city. this was a lot of fun. a little more than i had expected it to be. afterwards we went to the legion of honor and got our culture on. afterwards we went on a little drive. we ended our day with a trip to the bmw dealership. i know this may seem a little odd and probably super random. well not when you're married to the finn. that's what he wanted to do and being that it's both our anniversary i obliged. i did put my foot down when he wanted to go to the audi dealership next. the reason being that we have a 2007 audi and if we're interested in loking at any of the other models all we have to do is walk around our parking garage. seriously every model of the audi 2007's are in there. he aggreed and so we made our way home. i made us some snacks we ended our day with a really good session of trashy television watching. today is our actual anniversary. we're going to have lunch together and i'll make peter something good for dinner. all in all what a wonderful anniversary celebration it has been.

Friday, September 7, 2007

times flies

the last couple of weeks have really just been a whirlwind. lots of family in town, friends visiting, a wedding and more.